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Booklet advertising deadline is March 30, 2023 – Contact our Festival Director directly.

You can see an example of an older patron booklet here.

2019’s Festival drew over 5,000 visitors and our web site has nearly 7,000 visitors each month.

If you offer products of interest to textile artists, spinners, knitters, livestock owners, weavers and other fiber arts connoisseurs, you’ll want to consider this cost efficient advertising opportunity.

Your payment must be received before the ad will be submitted for publication — thanks in advance!

Payment is accepted via PayPal

Publicize your business by buying an ad in our booklet and/or on our web site.


Full color inside front or back cover (max. 7” x 9.5”)
Full color inside page (max. 7” x 9.5”)
½ page horiz. color (maximum 7” x 4.75”)
½ page vert. color (maximum 3.5” x 9.5”)
Full page black and white  (maximum 7” x 9.5”)
½ page horiz. black and white (maximum 7” x 4.75”)
½ page vert. black and white (maximum 3.5” x 9.5”)
¼ page horiz. black and white (maximum 7” x 2.25”)
¼ page vert. black and white (maximum 3.5” x 4.75”)
Business card horiz. black and white (max. 3.25” x 2”)
Business card vert. black and white (max. 2” x 3.25”)


NOTE: Full page and half page ads are available in color. All sizes are available in black and white. Web site ads can be color or black and white, and should be 240 x 540 pixels if possible.

Brochure Ads Due March 30:

Digital files of 30 dpi are required.  Submit PDF with fonts embedded or TIF, .jpg or eps printer-ready digital files.  Preference is to send a CD or flash drive labeled with business name.  Please print hard copy for your reference, Word documents will not be accepted.  Please print non-digital submissions on white paper with black ink.  Do not bend document.  All ads submitted must meet these specifications or you can purchase pre-production services from us.

Electronic copy to: or submit online using the form below

Pay via Paypal  or email  for other payment options.