In and Around The Barn 2024

A highlight of the Shepherd’s Harvest will be the “living catalog” of sheep breeds. A wide variety of wool and meat breeds will be on display.    Visitors will have the opportunity to talk with shepherds about their particular breed and sheep may be sold by private treaty.

Are you interested in displaying your favorite sheep breed at the Festival?  Please contact our Animal Barns Coordinator at

Sheep and Wool

2024 Breeders on Display

Crooked Fence Ranch

Houghton, SD

California Red Sheep

We will be showcasing our beautiful California Red Sheep and all the wonderful things they can produce.  We literally waste nothing in the process and cant wait to show you all the products!!


The LayZee Farmer LLC

Clear Lake, MN

Clun Forest, Shetland

The Clun Forest is on The Livestock Conservancy Threatened list.  This triple-purpose breed’s characteristics make it a natural choice for grass-based production, as they are easy keepers and excellent mother’s that lamb easily, and are a good choice for beginning shepherds.  Fiber is cream colored and fine-medium down like at 25-33 microns, staple length of around four inches and a fairly good crimp, easy to work with, and low luster, making it good for projects that require good stitch definition. It is also comfortable to wear right next to the skin, making it a good choice for caps, scarves, and mittens and sweaters.  The fiber does not pile and will hold it’s shape.

The Shetland is a descends from ancient Scandinavian sheep. It is a member of the northern short-tailed sheep breed family and is one of the smallest of the British sheep breeds.  The breed is recovering in the US.  The fiber comes in a wide range of colors at typically 23-25 microns. The fiber has memory and elasticity and takes dye well. The fiber is used for shawls, socks and sweaters.


Priory Farms

Eau Claire, WI


Priory Farms raises, breeds, and sells registered ACRA Cotswold Sheep on hills south of Eau Claire.  The flock is rotationally grazed throughout the summer.  This hardy breed does well with our climate and are an easy keeping sheep. Priory Farms is a partner of Ewe and Me Wool Company, LLC which makes wool pellets for use in the gardens and containers. Priory Farms is a member of the Three Rivers Fibershed, The Wisconsin Farmers Union and The Livestock Conservancy. Cotswold Sheep are a long wool heritage breed.  The Cotswold sheep is listed as Threatened by the Livestock Conservancy.  Cotswolds are gentle giants with rams weighing up to 300lbs and ewes can weigh over 200lbs. Their long locks are a beautiful white which dye very well.  Long wool sheep have a fantastic luster and a great choice for new spinners. Cotswold sheep have been in the US since the late 1700’s with imports increasing in the 1840’s from the UK.  In 1878, the American Cotswold Record Association (ACRA) started and it is the oldest sheep registry in the US.


Kurth Valley Fiber Mill LLC

Whitehall, WI

Cormo and CVM

Kurth Valley Fiber Mill is a mini mill in Western Wisconsin. Lindsay’s passion for fiber began as a kid from a 4H llama project. Since then, she’s raised and shown llamas and most currently a growing flock of Cormo and CVM sheep. She is also breeding English Angora rabbits. She processes her own fibers as time allows, but has custom processed roving, yarn, rug yarn, woven rugs, and sock yarn for customers all over the country for the past 6 years.


Diamond D Sheep

Cokato, MN


Beautiful colorful sheep with dual coat fleeces. Sheep are for milking, meat and wool for many uses.


Windmill Hill Merinos

St. Charles, MN


We raise a spinning flock of colored and white Merino sheep in the bluff country in southeastern MN. Merinos are known for their fine fiber with next to skin softness. Our sheep are bred for fiber fineness and length in addition to their variety of beautiful colors. Renee hand processes the fleeces and spins the fiber into yarn. She then knits the soft, handmade yarn into a variety of warm wool garments to be worn next to the skin.


Bohemian Creek Farm

Cresco, IA

Pygora and Angora Goats

I am a small farm located in NE Iowa. I raise Pygora goats and Angora goats for their fiber. Pygora fiber is cashmere soft and so easy to spin. My Angoras have kid soft mohair and wonderful locks for creative spinning. All my product is from the animals on my farm that give me such pleasure. I have fiber for all your creative projects.


The Berryhill Farm

Pine Island, MN


Leicester Longwools and Wensleydales

At The Berryhill Farm we raise two breeds of Longwool sheep: Leicester Longwools and Wensleydales. Both breeds are prized for the curly, lustrous fiber they produce. Leicester Longwools were established during the mid 1700’s and were mentioned by several of the founding fathers. George Washington mentions a desire to bring in a Leicester Longwool ram to improve his sheep. Wensleydales were developed in the early 1800’s and the Leicester Longwool breed played a large role in their development. Both breeds are also known to produce mild flavored meat – it’s important for people to understand that to save some of these heritage breeds, people have to be willing to eat them. Otherwise the breeders will eventually stop breeding when they can house no more sheep!


Gone Astray Farm

North Branch, MN

Blue Faced Leicester and Icelandic

Raising Icelandic and BFL sheep in a variety of colors for spinning and felting.  I will have raw fleeces, washed fleeces, sheepskins, skulls, yarn, some finished items, wool pellets for your garden, and tallow lotion for your body.


Snake River Acres

Grasston, MN

Lincoln Longwool

We raise a variety of white and naturally colored Lincoln Longwools. Lincolns are a heritage breed originating from the UK and are of ‘threatened’ status, meaning U.S. and worldwide their numbers are limited. Lincolns produce a heavy, lustrous curly wool that is great for spinners and fiber artists. It is a courser wool that is great for sweaters, beginning spinners and projects that need durability. In the barn we will be selling $6/pound raw wool, washed wool, dyed locks, batts, wool pillows, tanned pelts and more! We also sell breeding stock and butcher lambs, just stop by to ask. We are a SE2SE provider.


Evergreen Oasis Farm

Center City, MN


We are a flower & fiber farm in Center city,MN. We have sheep and alpaca along with a u-pick flower field and barn market.

We provide on farm events and also offer fieldtrips, event space and more.


Prairie Willows Farm

Center City, MN

Gotland and Finnsheep

We raise Registered Gotland and Finnsheep on our small farm in East Central Minnesota. Our flock provides quality naturally colored fiber for spinning, weaving, and felting. We will have raw fleece, roving, locks, and yarn available for sale in the barn. We offer a limited number of lambs for sale each year.  If interested in breeding stock or fiber pets, please let us know! We will be on hand to answer questions about raising these wonderful sheep.



Cook Family Farm

Center City, MN

Hampshire, Dorset

Cook Family Farm was established in 2017 and is operated by third generation sheep farmer Amanda Cook and her family. The Cook Family raises registered Hampshire and Dorset sheep for both meat and fiber. Amanda process their fleece in home and dyes and spins colorful yarns along with creating instructional needle felting kits to get others excited about fiber arts.


Les’s Moor Farm

Culver, MN

Border Leister

Border Leicesters are a maternal breed which can be considered dual-purpose. The Border Leicester ewe is a robust dam to vigorous, fast-growing lambs fit to many markets. The breed is a popular choice across the globe for developing strong commercial ewe crosses. Their wool grows in lustrous, long locks with appealing curls popular with hand spinners. The “regal” breed, Border Leicesters have an alert appearance with long erect ears and a Roman nose. Match that with their calm and curious disposition and find a sheep that is a pleasure to raise for novice and experienced shepherds alike.