In and Around The Barn

A highlight of the Shepherd’s Harvest will be the “living catalog” of sheep breeds. A wide variety of wool and meat breeds will be on display.   You can expect to see everything from Black Welsh Mountain to CVM~Romeldale Sheep.  Visitors will have the opportunity to talk with shepherds about their particular breed and sheep may be sold by private treaty.

The Minnesota Lamb and Wool Producers Youth will have an educational booth set up in the sheep barn. You can find a variety of information related to the sheep industry; including recipes, magazines, and facts about the wool & lamb industries.

Are you interested in displaying your favorite sheep breed at the Festival?  Please contact our Animal Barns Coordinator at

Sheep and Wool

2019 Breeders on Display

Ayrwen Farm

River Falls, WI

Purebred/Registered Finn Sheep – Ayrwen Farm raises Registered/purebred Finn Sheep, Llamas and Angora rabbits.  We offer fiber from our animals, including processed and skirted raw fleeces,  for spinning and other fiber arts.  To compliment our focus on fiber production, we also offer Ashford Spinning Wheels and supplies.


The Berryhill Farm

Pine Island, MN

Leicester Longwool sheep are a heritage breed first developed by Robert Bakewell in Leicester England during the early to mid 1700’s. They became world renowned such that George Washington brought in a Leicester ram to improve his own flock. Currently the breed is considered threatened by the Livestock Conservancy. The sheep are considered dual purpose for their lustrous fleece and quality carcass.


Bohemian Creek Farm

Cresco, Iowa

I raise Pygora Goats for their luxury fiber. I have spinning fiber in the form of batts and cloud. Also millspun and handspun yarn. Each spring I have registered kids for sale.


Clear Spring Farm

Welch, MN

Clear Spring Farm raises Tibetan Yak that produce luxurious fiber. Come see these beautiful creatures and their exotic fiber products. Yarn, raw fiber, rugs and socks available.


Diamond D Sheep

Cokato, MN

Icelandic sheep is one of the world’s oldest and purest breeds of sheep. Throughout its 1100 years of history, the Icelandic breed has been truly triple-purpose, treasured for its meat, fiber and milk.  The Icelandic breed is in the North European short-tailed group of sheep, which exhibits a fluke-shaped, naturally short tail. . Icelandics are a mid-sized breed . Conformation is generally short legged and stocky. The face and legs are free of wool. The fleece is dual-coated and comes in white as well as a range of browns, grays and blacks. There are both horned and polled strains. Left unshorn for the winter, the breed is very cold hardy.

The roots of the Shetland Sheep go back over a thousand years, probably to sheep brought to the Shetland Islands by Viking settlers. Shetlands are one of the smallest of the British sheep.  Rams usually have beautiful spiral horns, whereas the ewes are typically polled. They are fine-boned and agile and their naturally short, fluke-shaped tails do not require docking. Shetlands are small and relatively slow growing, they maintain natural hardiness, thriftiness, easy lambing, adaptability and longevity. Having retained many of their primitive survival instincts, they are easier to care for than many of today’s commercial breeds.


Gone Astray Farm

North Branch, MN

Raising Icelandic sheep in a variety of colors for spinning and felting.  I will have raw fleeces, washed fleeces, roving, batts and some finished items. I will also have soap, candles, and balms from milk and tallow.


Kurth Valley Fiber Mill

Whitehall, WI

Lindsay is owner operator of Kurth Valley Fiber Mill in Whitehall, WI. She processes wools, llama, alpaca, angora and mohair for customers throughout the United States. She also breeds and raises Cormo sheep, llamas and English angora bunnies.


Les’s Moor Farm

Culver, MN

Alpacas are wonderfully sweet animals that produce high quality fiber perfect for spinning, knitting, felting and weaving.  They are sheered annually and have no lanolin in their fiber as sheep do, making alpaca fiber hypoallergenic, soft and luxurious.  Come see the cute alpacas and find yarn, roving, rugs, etc.


Morke’s Karakuls

Isanti, MN

Karakul is an endangered breed that are known for beautiful lamb fleeces and adult fleeces that are great for hardwearing items such as rugs and outer wear. Felters love Karakul for felted slippers and bootliners. The fleeces come in a rainbow of natural colors with black being most dominant.


Nordic Horn

St. Croix Falls, WI

Cashmere Goats – Nordic Horn raises purebred cashmere goats and specializes in the rare apricot fiber. Located a little over an hour’s drive from the Twin Cities, Nordic Horn is the largest breeder of cashmere goats in the upper midwest. The goats have ancestors dating back to 1985, when prized imports came to the U.S. for tens of thousands of dollars. Each cashmere goat is hand-brushed to collect the valued cashmere fiber. Examples of fiber colors in raw and finished products as well as live goats will be on display.


Prairie Willows Farm


We raise Registered Gotland and Finnsheep on our small farm in East Central Minnesota. Our flock provides quality fiber for spinning, weaving, and felting. We will have raw fleece, roving, batting, and locks available for sale in the barn. Meet “Gunnar, the Gotland” and “Teemu, the Finnsheep” in the Hall of Breeds. We will be on hand to answer questions about raising these wonderful sheep.


Vince and Renee Ready

St. Charles, MN

Registered Colored Merino Sheep – These sheep have been bred for their large, fine fleeces with 3-4 inch fiber length in addition to having a variety of beautiful colors.


Snake River Acres

Grasston, MN

Registered Lincoln Longwools – Raising happy, healthy sheep while providing customers with high quality, lustrous fleeces.


Viking Fiber

Dalbo, MN

Please feel free to stop in and say hello and hold a Icelantic lamb.


Sheep Barn Demos

Come play in the Sheep Barn during the festival, where you will also find many varieties of fiber sheep and goats, as well as the shepherds who care for them.

“Extreme Sheep Make-Overs” – Shearing!

Location: Outdoor Pavilion
Date/Time: Saturday & Sunday 10 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Shearer: Jim Peterson (sat) & Brian Fitzpatrick (sun)
Watch a professional shearer in action as animals are shorn on Saturday and Sunday.

Sheep Handling Demo

Location: Pavilion
Date/Time: Saturday, 2pm
Demonstrator:  Jim Peterson
Jim is a professional sheep shearer. He will talk about controlling sheep with the use of chutes, gates, dogs, and by hand. He will discuss catching, moving, throwing and holding sheep. Good information for owners of a pet sheep to shepherds of large flocks!

Basic Sheep Care Demo

Location:  Pavilion
Demonstrator:  Brian Fitzpatrick
Date/Time: Sunday, 2pm
Brian is a professional shearer. He will talk about basic sheep care. Bring your questions!