Get Involved

Volunteer Opportunities

An event such as Shepherd’s Harvest is the result of lots of volunteer hours.  If you could share your talents and some time, we would appreciate your help.

Examples of the help we need include:

  • Sitting at the information desk
  • Assisting with class registration
  • Clerking the fleece show
  • Manage fleece silent auction
  • Taking entries for the contests
  • Coordinate skein and felted competitions
  • Demonstrate skirting near the shearing demo
  • Chair planning committee
  • Suggest other ways you can help

10 Ways to Get Involved with Shepherd’s Harvest Festival

You already know it’s a great festival did you know it’s also easy to get involved? Here are 10 easy ways to get you and your community more connected to Shepherd’s Harvest

  • Attend the Festival with friends and family.
  • Blog about the Festival – if you haven’t already.
  • Sign-up for a class or demonstration.
  • It’s a big, once-a-year event: so jump in! Enter a fiber or fleece competition, participate in the Fiber Sandwich, attend the Shepherds Clinic, Ravelry Meet-up or even buy a sheep!
  • Join SH online groups on Facebook, Flickr, Ravelry and Twitter.
  • Post a video of your festival experience on You Tube.
  • Post Flyers in your local yarn shop, library, coffee shops or other community locations.
  • Submit an event notice to your local paper. Contact for more information.
  • Bring your own knitting or spinning group to the festival. Create a meet-up location, have your group enter a competition, demonstrate or volunteer. You’ll never forget these memories.

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