In The Barn

A highlight of the Shepherd’s Harvest will be the “living catalog” of sheep breeds. A wide variety of wool and meat breeds will be on display.   You can expect to see everything from Black Welsh Mountain to CVM~Romeldale Sheep.  Visitors will have the opportunity to talk with shepherds about their particular breed and sheep may be sold by private treaty.

The Minnesota Lamb and Wool Producers Youth will have an educational booth set up in the sheep barn. You can find a variety of information related to the sheep industry; including recipes, magazines, and facts about the wool & lamb industries.

Are you interested in displaying your favorite sheep breed at the Festival?  Please contact our Animal Barns Coordinator at [email protected].

Sheep and Wool

2017 Breeders on Display

Chengwatana Farm – vending in the barn
The Mizner family
47513 334th Pl.,
Palisade, MN 56469
Black Welsh Mountain sheep, classified as Threatened by the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy.
Breeding stock, fleeces, roving, yarn, and hand-knitted garments for sale

Diamond D Sheep
Pamela Davis
Diamo[email protected]
Shetland & Icelandic

EK Sheep – vending in the barn
Eric and Kelly Froehlich
1202 Pokegama Lake Road
Grasston MN 55030
[email protected]
Lincoln Longwool Sheep

Joxers Jacobs – vending in the barn
Marcia Hathaway
12103 238th St.
Scandia, MN
[email protected]
Jacob fleeces for sale.
Jacobs are a threatened breed

Kindred Spirit Farm –  vending in the barn
Stacey York and Dennis Hoffman
20232 121st Ave.
Spring Valley, MN 55975
[email protected]
Leicester Longwool, Romney Lincoln and Gotland Sheep
Leicester Longwools are critically endangered

Kurth Valley Fiber Mill – vending in the barn 
Lindsay Kurth
N34588 Kurth Valley Road
Whitehall, Wi. 54773
Cormo and CVM Sheep

Morke’s Karakuls – vending in the barn
3355 Halden Road NW
Isanti, MN 55040
[email protected]
Fresh fleeces, washed wool, felt products, handspun yarn, rugs and pillows.
Karakuls and Tunis
Karakuls are a threatened breed

Prairie Willows Farm-vending in the barn
Heidi Quist
31015 Olinda Trail
Lindstrom, MN 55045
(651) 238-5370
[email protected]
Gotland, Shetland, and Finnsheep for sale.
Raw fleeces, washed wool, roving, dryer balls, and handspun yarn products available.

Roundabout Yarn
Terri Drimel
Center City, MN
[email protected]
Small batch, hand-dyed yarn inspired by life in Minnesota

Bohemian Creek Farm
Debbie Eubanks
Pygora Goats

Berryhill Farm
David Berryhill
Pine Island, MN
[email protected]
Leicester Longwool
Clear Spring Farm
Melodee Smith
hmzesmi[email protected]
Clear Spring Farm located near Welch, Minnesota, will have a few friendly yak on hand for fiber enthusiasts to see and touch. Yak produce fiber similar to cashmere and regardless if it’s raw or processed , yak fiber has much potential. Clear Spring Farm maintains the highest standards in animal management and fiber processing to bring you exceptional quality products. Yak yarn and mittens will be available for purchase.

Sheep Barn Demos Page:

Come play in the Sheep Barn during the festival, where you will also find many varieties of fiber sheep and goats, as well as the shepherds who care for them.

Extreme Sheep Make-Overs
Location: Outdoor Pavilion
Date/Time: Saturday & Sunday 10 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Shearer: Jim Peterson (sat) & Brian Fitzpatrick (sun)
Watch a professional shearer in action as animals are shorn on Saturday and Sunday.

Fiber Display
Location:  Sheep Barn
Date/Time Saturday & Sunday – Ongoing
The Goat Barn will host a special display of fiber goods.  Fiber highlighted wool from the various exhibiting sheep and goat breeds.

Wash your Wool and Have a Ball!
Location: Outside the Sheep Barn
Date/Time: Saturday 10am, noon, 2pm, 4pm & Sunday, 10am, noon, 2pm
Demonstrator: Linda Johnson-Morke
Wool has many unique properties and one of them is the ability to felt. Learn how to wash raw wool and then felt a ball to take with you. The ball can be used as a pet toy, a child’s toy or a dryer ball!

Fleece Skirting
Location: Outdoor Pavilion
Date/Time: Daily 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. during shearing
Coordinator: Jody M.
Learn how to skirt a fleece, how to separate out the belly and tags, and how to protect the fleece from contamination during its harvest and packaging.

How to Select and Prepare Fleece to send to the Fiber Mill
Location: Sheep Barn
Day/time: Saturday and Sunday On-going
Demonstrators: Lindsay Kurth – Kurth Valley Fiber Mill
Come watch a demo on how to prepare your fleece for the Fiber Mill, she will discuss fiber options and blends, as well as getting the most bang for your buck when having fleece processed at a fiber mill. Plus you can watch a video on the Fiber Mill process.

Compare Commercially Dyed to Naturally Colored
Location:  Sheep Barn
Date/Time:  Saturday & Sunday – Ongoing
Demostrator:  Terri Drimel – Roundabout Yarn
This display/demo comparing dyed commercially prepared yarn with hand spun naturally colored yarn, small batch, hand dyed yarn

Barn Jenga
Location:  Sheep Barn
Date/Time:  Saturday & Sunday on-going
Presented by Cashmere Haven

It’s the classic block-stacking, stack-crashing game of Jenga … with a
little something extra.  Answering the question correctly on the block
you pick gives you another turn.   See how high you can get the stack!

See how much you know about fiber, while testing your balancing
skills at the same time.  Don’t have much fiber knowledge?  Play the
game while learning a few things at the same time.

Jacobs Sheep
Location:  Sheep Barn
Date/Time:  Saturday and Sunday – On-going
Demonstrator:  Marcia Hathaway – Joxers Jacobs Farm

Learn about Jacobs, the uniqueness of their horns, the color of their coat, their genetics and talk about why they are listed on the conservancy list.

Sheep Handling Demo
Location: Pavilion
Date/Time: Saturday, 2pm
Demonstrator:  Jim Peterson
Jim is a professional sheep shearer. He will talk about controlling sheep with the use of chutes, gates, dogs, and by hand. He will discuss catching, moving, throwing and holding sheep. Good information for owners of a pet sheep to shepherds of large flocks!

Shepherding Basics
Location:  Pavilion
Date/Time: Saturday 3:30 – 4:00
Demonstrator: Heidi Quist
If you are considering owning your own fiber flock, this demonstration will cover what you need to know.  Topics will include basic nutrition, housing and health-care needs.

Basic Sheep Care Demo
Location:  Pavilion
Demonstrator:  Brian Fitzpatrick
Date/Time: Sunday, 2pm
Brian is a professional shearer. He will talk about basic sheep care. Bring your questions!

Sheep Handling for the beginning Shepherd
Location: Pavilion
Demonstrator: Heidi Quist
Date/Time: Sunday 2:30 – 3:00
Techniques and tools to safely manage your sheep