Fiber Rainbow Spinning and Skein Auction

NEW for 2017! 

Fiber Rainbow Spinning & Skein Auction

(a re-creation of the Fiber Sandwich demo from prior years)

Fiber Donations Needed!


1) Friday evening – Saturday 10am: collect fiber donations from vendors & patrons.  Fiber donations must be in spinnable form, i.e. batts, roving, rolags, top.  No raw or unprocessed fleece.

Donation can also be mailed to:
Renee Samuelson
12570 Portland Ave, Apt 109
Burnsville, MN 55337

2) Saturday 10 am-12noon: guild members sort fiber into 4 oz bags:  ½ – 1 oz increments of fiber in a color theme, combo spin idea.  See Spin Off Winter 2017, Coordinating Hand-paints article pages 76-80.  There’s also a (free) video blog on the process made by the author of the article.  This process works for any fiber prep, not just hand-paints, as long as it’s in a ready-to-spin form.

Reasons for changing this process:

  1. a) to change up the activity to rekindle interest from volunteer spinners
  2. b) to simplify the weighing/bagging process
  3. c) to offer more options for spinners
  4. d) to (maybe) produce more attractive skeins for auction

3) Saturday 12noon to Sunday 12noon: spinners create a finished skein in any method they choose.  Spinners encouraged to do at least some of the work at SH in Building A Spin-in area.

4) Sunday 12noon-2pm: Silent Auction setup.

5) Sunday 2pm-3pm: Silent Auction of skeins.

6) Post-auction: proceeds sent as donation to Heifer International


Demonstrations Provided:

Saturday 10:00am: guild members will do informal demo while color-sorting, dividing and weighing the donated fiber for volunteer spinners

Saturday, 11:00am: FORMAL DEMO:  how to prepare fiber for a “Combo-spin” as described in the Spin-Off Winter 2017 issue and the PassioKnit Spinner podcast.

Saturday noon – Sunday noon: informal demos by volunteer spinners as they spin their donation skein in the Spinning Circle area

Sunday noon-2pm: Collection of completed skeins and Silent Auction setup

Sunday, 2-3pm: Silent Auction of Finished Skeins


Keep Families Warm with a Knitters’ Basket                                   GOAL $480.00 to raise!

Heifer International’s Knitter’s Gift Basket includes a llama, an alpaca, a sheep and an Angora rabbit. Your gift for knitters also ensures families are instructed on how to properly feed and care for the animals.

Each Knitter’s Gift Basket:Heifer-Logo

  • Nourishes families with milk from the llama and sheep
  • Keeps families warm with wool that can be made into sweaters and scarves
  • Provides a source of income from the sale of clothing and blankets made from the wool

These four animals included in the knitting basket provide families with ample wool for warmth, as well as a source of income. Your donation of a Knitter’s Gift Basket represents an opportunity for a better life.

This Gift Provides:

  • Milk
  • Steady, Dependable Income
  • Passing on the Gift
  • Warmth
  • Fertilizer
  • Women’s Empowerment
  • School Fees and Supplies
  • Community Sustainability
  • Clothing and Blankets