Entertainment – 2015

Paul Imholte Strolling Music

Ongoing over the weekend
If it has strings, Paul Imholte probably plays it. Paul Imholte performs traditional and original music on nearly a dozen string instruments. He will be doing strolling music on the grounds of the Shepherd’s Harvest Festival. Paul’s featured instrument is the ham- mered dulcimer which is a trapezoid-shaped instru- ment played by striking strings with light hammers. Along with the dulcimer, Paul sings and plays the fiddle, guitar, banjo, mandolin, harmonica, and jaw harp. He sings songs of farming and small towns and the people who make their living on the land. Paul has performed throughout the United States at festivals, schools and concerts. He has released eight CDs of hammered dulcimer music and original songs. His artistry is based on his love for acousti- cal string instruments and sharing that passion with audiences.

The Moonlight Duo

10-2 Sunday, Location TBD
The Moonlight Duo is Mary DuShane & Nick Jordan. Fiddlin’ Mary DuShane, as Garrison Keillor called her, is a masterful fiddle styl- ist and long-time luminary of the Twin Cities folk and roots music scene. She played in the original Powdermilk Biscuit Band on A Prairie Home Com- panion and has worked in bands ranging from jam rock to contradance, most recently Cajun. With Nick Jordan – vocals, fingerpicked and flatpicked guitar, mandolin, flute/whistle and foot percussion – the Duo serves up a wide-ranging repertory of South- ern traditional roots music,featuring bluesy old time songs, plus Appalachian and Irish dance tunes, spiced with Cajun and country swing.


Outside Bldg B
Ongoing over the weekend Atahualpa is a group of selected musicians from Ecuador. The group uses their native instruments with contempo- rary backup from guitars and keyboard. That mix produces music that is inspiring, lively, melancholy, and tender; in short,delightful. The mix of our songs include contemporary music,tropical dance rhythms; relaxing instrumental native tunes, as well the traditional music of the Andes.

The music expresses rhythms running through Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia, the home of our ancestors. Since 1991, Atahualpa has per- formed around the world: Asia, Europe, South & North America. We believe that by sharing our mu- sic, culture and heritage we will promote brother- hood, friendship and peace to all people of the world.

Greenwood Tree

10- 2 Saturday, Location TBD
Greenwood Tree is the duo of Bill Cagley (guitar, mandolin, bodhran, and limberjack) and Stu Janis (hammered dulcimer and bowed psaltery). Musical partners since 1985, they perform lively and lyrical traditional music of the British Isles. The unique sound of the St. Paul, Minnesota, duo is a blend of lively jigs and reels, haunting airs, and sweet waltzes, with melodies deftly traded between instruments. The combination of Stu’s sprightly dulcimer with Bill’s driving flat-picked Martin guitar provides energy for quick dance tunes, while slower selections are enhanced by dulcimer arpeggios and a finger-picked guitar.