2016 FREE Demos & Events

More Demos and Events will be added, keep checking back!


Free Family-Friendly Fiber Activities
Location:  Bldg A
Day/Time: Saturday & Sunday 10am – 3pm
Explore the fiber arts with a series of fun, free activities.  Make yarn jewelry, lamb ears, a kite, or a simple twig weaving. Many thanks to the Shepherd’s Harvest community for sharing the gift of fiber art with their generous donations of raw material for these activities.


Spin In!
Location: Bldg A
Day/Time: Saturday and Sunday, ongoing
Demonstrators:  Spinners from the SH Community
Bring your wheel or spindle, pull up a chair and spin along with the largest assembly of hand-spinners in Minnesota! Take immediate advantage of your freshly purchased fiber, wheel or newly learned technique and share with other spinning enthusiasts. Note: Feel free to bring your own stool or foot rug for added comfort.


Stock Dog Demos
Location: Outdoor Arena
Date/Time: Saturday & Sunday 11:00, 1:00 & 2:30
Herding dogs are essential in handling sheep on farms.  Various aspects of stock dog work such as a short outrun and gather, sorting and penning sheep are planned.


Rabbit Agility Demo
Location: On the center green
Date/Time: Saturday & Sunday – 11:00 a.m & 2:00 p.m.
The agility is a course of equipment in a ring that a Rabbit will maneuver: over, under, around and through in a timed event/race. The Rabbit that completes the course without upsetting equipment with the fastest time wins the event. Agility course is fun and exciting for the rabbits, their handlers and spectators.


1812 Historical Encampment and Fiber Demonstration
Location: On the Green

Day/time: Saturday and Sunday 10 am, noon, 2pm
Demonstrators: Belinda Christensen and Claire Lawrence
Visit the 1812 Regency Period encampment with period spinning wheels and fiber tools.
Demonstrations will include: Steps for preparing wool for spinning; Spinning fiber on a spindle; traditional drive wheel and great wheel.  We love to talk about the textile arts of this era so have a seat on the grass and chat with us!


Weaver’s Guild of Minnesota
Location: Bldg A
Day/Time: Saturday & Sunday, ongoing
See various fiber demonstrations, including wheel and drop spindle spinning, small loom weaving, and more. Pick up a class catalog and chat with guild members to find out more about this organization that has been active in the Twin Cities since 1940.


Minnesota Knitters Guild
Location: Building  A
Day/Time: Saturday and Sunday, ongoing
Drop by the MN Knitter’s Guild table to knit with us or talk with us. We will demonstrate arm knitting and casting on techniques, and have yarn and needles available.


Northern Lights Handspinners Guild
Location: Building A
Day/time: ongoing, Saturday & Sunday
Demonstrators: Members of the Northern Lights Handspinners Guild
The Northern Lights Handspinners Guild is a center of action in Building A! Find these demonstrations at the NLHG Booth on Saturday and Sunday:
Sat. 10:30      Using Combs and Hackle
Sat. 12:30      Spinning on Spindle and Wheel
Sat.  2:30       Blending on Board & Carder
Sun. 10:30     Using Combs and Hackle
Sun. 12:30     Spinning on Spindle & Wheel
Sun.  2:30      Blending on Board & Carder


Central Minnesota Machine Knitting & Fiber Arts Guild,
With Student Knit Night
Location: Building A
Day/Time: Saturday & Sunday, ongoing
The Central Minnesota Machine Knitting and Fiber Arts Guild sponsors a Student Knit Night each month for high school and college age students and their friends. Demonstrations on both Saturday and Sunday, featuring Needle Felting by Knit Night students and Machine Knit Prayer Shawls by the Machine Knitters.


Three Rivers Fibershed
Location: Building A
Day/Time: Saturday and Sunday, ongoing
The Twin Cities region is home to a newly-formed Fibershed Affiliate. As a new Fibershed Affiliate,we aim to serve the fiber community with a central point at the Textile Center of Minnesota, extending in a radius of 175 miles. Stop by our table for information about how you can get involved in our local fibershed!


North Star Farm Tour
Location: Building A
Day/Time: Saturday and Sunday, ongoing
Education and outreach about our fall fiber farm tour scheduled for October 1 & 2, 2016, including information about the participating farms, and participating farms’ fiber products for sale.


Angora Rabbit Fiber
Location: Building A
Day/Time: Saturday and Sunday, ongoing
Demonstrator: Brenda Dunse, Serenity Textile Designs, LLC
What comes to mind when you think of an angora rabbit? Is it the good nature of this cute docile animal or the luscious softness of their fiber? Or maybe it is the fly away nature of the fiber. Some hand spinners find angora to be a challenging fiber to spin. Brenda Dunse of Serenity Textile Designs, LLC will demonstrate for you one of her favorite fibers to spin, angora. Various fiber preparations for hand spinning angora with a drop spindle and with a spinning wheel will be demonstrated. Come learn some of the tips Brenda uses in spinning angora and angora blend fibers. See finished products featuring angora fiber.


Knitting Hats for Africa
Location:  Bldg A
Date/Time:  Saturday and Sunday ongoing all day
Demonstrator: St. Paul Lutheran Church in Stillwater
A group of seven members from our church traveled to Tanzania in January 2016 and brought with them 500 knitted and crocheted hats for the village!  Many do not realize how cold the evenings can be in Tanzania and many die from hypothermia-related illnesses in this region. Stop by our booth and see pictures from our trip with the smiles of the children who received the hats!


Indigo dying demo
Location:  Pavilion
Date/Time: Saturday and Sunday – 11:00 am
Demonstrator: Jody M.
Indigo is one of the oldest dyes in the world. It is a plant based dye that is used to tie dye and is the blue in your blue jeans! Come and watch the magic dye that turns from green to blue as it is touches the air!


Extreme Sheep Make-Overs
Location: Outdoor Pavilion
Date/Time: Saturday & Sunday 10 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Shearer: Jim Peterson (sat) & Brian Fitzpatrick (sun)
Watch a professional shearer in action as animals are shorn on Saturday and Sunday.


Cotton demo
Location: Pavilion
Date/Time:  Saturday & Sunday 11:30am
Demonstrator: Jody M.
Take the mystery out of spinning cotton! Learn to process and card cotton to make a puni (small cotton rolag). Learn how to spin cotton using the long draw on a Charkha, great wheel and spinning wheel. We will even spin cotton right off the seed!


Fiber Display
Location:  Goat Barn
Date/Time Saturday & Sunday – Ongoing
The Goat Barn will host a special display of fiber goods.  Fiber highlighted wool from the various exhibiting sheep and goat breeds.


Rabbit Show
Location: Bldg D
Date/Time:  Saturday & Sunday Ongoing – All Day
Coordinator: Caroline Waskow
A “living catalog” of fiber-producing rabbits will be on display.  These include English, Angora, French Angora, Giant Angora, Hersey Woolies, Satin Angora and Fuzzy Lop.  Visitors will have the opportunity to compare these animals side by side and see the variety of sizes as well as fiber types.


Fleece Skirting
Location: Outdoor Pavilion
Date/Time: Daily 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. during shearing
Coordinator: Jody M.
Learn how to skirt a fleece, how to separate out the belly and tags, and how to protect the fleece from contamination during its harvest and packaging.


Felting a Sheep Pin
Location:  Outside the Lamb Barn
Date/Time: Saturday 2:00 p.m., 4:00 p.m. & Sunday 2:00 p.m.
Demonstrator: Linda Morke
Learn to make a flat felted sheep with locks and prefelt. This lovely little sheep can be used as a pin or decorate any item from a purse to a vest. Everything looks better with sheep on it!



Sheep Handling Demo
Location: Pavilion
Date/Time: Saturday, 2pm
Demonstrator:  Jim Peterson
Jim is a professional sheep shearer. He will talk about controlling sheep with the use of chutes, gates, dogs, and by hand. He will discuss catching, moving, throwing and holding sheep. Good information for owners of a pet sheep to shepherds of large flocks!


Shepherding Basics
Location:  Pavilion
Date/Time: Saturday 3:30 – 4:00
Demonstrator: Heidi Quist
If you are considering owning your own fiber flock, this demonstration will cover what you need to know.  Topics will include basic nutrition, housing and health-care needs.


Top Whorl Spindle Spinning
Location: Building A
Day/Time: Saturday, 10am
Demonstrator:  Deborah McQueen Coder
Spindles are portable and wonderful tools for making yarn.  Deborah will bring a variety of spindles to show different designs, and samples of spindle spun yarn, as she demonstrates the ancient art of top whorl spindle spinning.  Deborah is a lifelong knitter who has been spinning since 1997.  She is an instructor who loves to share her knowledge of knitting (the good, the bad, the frogged, and the finished), and twisting fiber into yarn with spindles and spinning wheels.


Spinning on a Spinning Wheel
Location: Building A
Day/Time: Saturday 11am
Demonstrator: Theresa Henehan
Curious about how a spinning wheel works? Theresa will demonstrate the process of using a spinning wheel to create yarn, and will answer your questions about spinning.


Antique Spinning Wheels
Location:  Building A
Day/Time: Saturday noon
Demonstrator:  Andrea Myklebust, Black Cat Farmstead
Antique spinning wheels are beautiful wooden machines that can also be used to make yarn, but how to go about finding the right antique wheel for you? Andrea Myklebust will discuss what to look for in an antique wheel, types of wheels typically found in the upper Midwest, common concerns, routine maintenance, and repair of old wheels.


Great Wheel Spinning & the World’s Longest Long Draw
Location: Building A
Day/Time: Saturday 1pm
Demonstrator: Dane Hiniker, Country Bunnies
The stately great wheel, also known as the walking wheel or wool wheel, was the tool of choice for early American wool spinners. Using a great wheel, we will attempt the longest draw possible before having to wind on.


3D Wet Felting
Location: Building A
Day/time: Saturday, 2pm
Demonstrator: Becky Utecht, River Oaks Farm & Studio
Learn how to create a seamless pouch/vessel using a resist. Becky will demonstrate a quick and easy way to make your own cellphone pouch, eyeglass case, can cooler, or small vessel.


Flax spinning
Location: Building A
Day/time: Saturday, 3pm
Demonstrator: Andrea Myklebust, Black Cat Farmstead
Andrea will discuss growing flax and the preparation of flax fiber for spinning, and will demonstrate spinning flax for linen.


Basic Sheep Care Demo
Location:  Pavilion
Demonstrator:  Brian Fitzpatrick
Date/Time: Sunday, 2pm
Brian is a professional shearer. He will talk about basic sheep care. Bring your questions!


Sheep Handling for the beginning Shepherd
Location:  Pavilion
Demonstrator: Heidi Quist
Date/Time: Sunday 2:30 – 3:00
Techniques and tools to safely manage your sheep


Band Weaving on a Scandinavian Rigid Heddle Loom
Location: Building A
Day/Time: 11am
Demonstrator: Kitty Latane, T & C Latane
Kitty will demonstrate the technique of pick-up weaving on a small wooden rigid heddle loom, a traditional process that can be used to create complex and beautiful woven bands and ribbons.


Spinning Art Yarn on the Great Wheel
Location: Building A
Day/Time: Sunday noon
Demonstrator: Andrea Myklebust, Black Cat Farmstead
The stately great wheel, also known as the walking wheel or wool wheel, was the tool of choice for early American wool spinners (and is the type of wheel that caused Sleeping Beauty’s problems).  This venerable spinning wheel type is enjoying a renaissance among hand spinners who enjoy the dance-like movements involved in its use.  We will demonstrate traditional great wheel spinning and how to use a great wheel to create contemporary art yarns..


Needle Felting a Bookmark – A Make and Take Project
Location: Building A
Day/Time: Saturday 1pm
Demonstrator:  Julie Hiniker, Country Bunnies
Come learn the basics of needle felting while creating a fun bookmark.  This demo/make is open to children and children at heart! Supplies provided.


Those Long, Lustrous, Locks!
Location: Building A
Day/time: Sunday, 2pm
Demonstrator: Becky Utecht, River Oaks Farm & Studio
Long purly locks are very popular these days. Becky will demonstrate how to choose the best locks in a fleece, then how to bundle and wash them for later use in art yarns, weaving, felting, or embellishing garments and accessories.